Tuesday, 18 May 2010

"Girl with a Bird"

I'm so excited to have finished this today ~ A portrait of my eldest daughter inspired by a recent outing to our local sanctuary,
I must have taken about 10 proofs to come to this, unusual for such a small linocut (it's only five inches high) but I was very definite about the expression I wanted to capture ~ halfway between joy and mischief. I love the way they are really looking at each other. Despite it's public title, this one will always privately be known as "Maia and the Bird" in my heart.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

"Filigree and Shadow" (SOLD)

Monoprint and Collage

"Filigree and Echo" (SOLD)

I've been trying something new this week and have been startled by the effect of the subconscious mind on my art. I spent some time in the hospital last week with my youngest daughter whilst she had an ultrasound on her heart. Obviously an emotional thing. Then, once in my studio, I found myself making an intricate heart shaped linocut.

I then began playing with drawing inks and what was incredible was the marks that were appearing on the pages. As I let the two different coloured inks run over the page, they began to mimic the shapes of the chambers I had been scrutinising on the ultrasound screen.

(Added 2nd September 2010 ~ I just sold this piece of work to a young couple from New Zealand,
they particularly liked the tight curls which reminded them of Maori tattoos ~ LOVE IT!)

"Filigree and Gold" (SOLD)

Monoprint and Collage