Friday, 30 April 2010

"Five for Silver" (SOLD)

A photo of the finished collage before I put it into the frame ~ I'm so glad to have finished it before the Bank Holiday Weekend as we are expecting a lot of visitors to St Ives.

The magpies are collaged, the tree ended up being collaged too, as the charcoal didn't look strong enough. I used coloured drawing inks to colour vintage music paper and a watercolour wash in the background. The silver twists through the tree represent luck, spring and blossom and are made from sweet wrappers that have been pressed inside a book since Easter.

In the Window for Beltane

"Five for Silver" as it looks hanging in the gallery window, in time for May Bank Holiday Weekend, I hope you all have a lovely Beltane x

Monday, 26 April 2010

"Five for Silver"

I've started a large scale piece today. I found this collage I made a while back and I want to scale him up and reproduce him five times. I'm not sure how I'll do that, either by collage or linocut. It feels like a good challenge, though. I've made their new home, already, a large, bare~branched charcoal tree over sheets of vintage music paper. The finished piece will be about 30" square so it is a move away from the small cards and lino's I've been working on for a while.

"Red Fish, Blue Fish"

"Old Fish, New Fish"